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IWOOT's money maze will perplex even the cleverest of friends
IWOOT's money maze will perplex even the cleverest of friends
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Novelty cash maze

Birthdays, Christmases and other gift-giving occasions can often be a complete nightmare when it comes to thinking up an original and thoughtful present. There are times when really only cash will do - there's no point in buying a person a gift when they just won't have any use for it! 

However, there are only so many times that you can stick a £20 in a card before it becomes boring and tedious. Well, despair no more, for we at Cash is Cool have the perfect solution for any future cash gift concers.

This unique money maze allows you to cleverly conceal cash in a present-sized puzzle box that the recipient must solve in order to reach their gift. A quirky touch that will liven up any party as one and all fumble over the peculiar puzzle.

Available online at for just £10.95.

Monday, 12th September 2011

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