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2022: The year the UK public will get their Payment Choice Act!

Some foolish businesses in the UK are now refusing cash for payments. This is completely unacceptable.  In 2022, the UK government MUST push through a Payment Choice Act, to make it a legal obligation for cash to be a…
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Ron Delnevo's Blog » Cash - and Freedom - Are Both Worth Fighting For, In 2022 and FOREVER.

We live in a troubled world, one in which democratic freedoms only gained within the last …

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Editor's Blog » UK Cash Access & Payment Choice. Quite Simply - Legislation is Required.

Two points were very illuminating to read in the latest HM Treasury consultation on access to …

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Ron Delnevo's Blog » Budget Spending - Do NOT Mention The National Debt

In 2010,we were told that austerity was needed because the UK  National Debt was out of …

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