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2024: The Year of Payment Choice

Creeping “cashless”, which only started to infect the UK a few years ago, is now threatening to engulf the nation.

The freedoms and rights of the British public are at risk, with Payment Choice now unavailable at a growing number of businesses.

The public everywhere deserve the right to choose how they pay. Lose that freedom and the spectre of a totally monitored and controlled society could appear over the horizon, a society in which democracy would soon become a distant memory.

Cash is Cool applauds the work of the Payment Choice Alliance ( link to PCA website please, Damien) in striving to halt and reverse the trend towards an awful “cashless” future.

The Alliance is demanding, on behalf of every citizen, a UK Payment  Choice Act. Such an act would remove the threat of “cashless” forever.

It is NOT too late. The tide of “cashless” CAN be turned and Payment Choice - along with UK democracy - safeguarded for all time!

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