Wallets are the way forward

Posted on: 11/11/2011

The Metro published an article earlier this week about the potential "death" of the much-loved cash carrying accessory at the hands of contactless payment technology.

Gone, they insisted, will be the days of common cash once people start using their mobile phones for contactless payments.

It's true that a number of banks have linked up with mobile networks in order to offer customers the option of using their phone in order to pay in place of cash or card. However, despite launching over six months ago, this technology has yet to make even the smallest of impacts on our day-to-day lives.

Everywhere you look, people cling to their beloved wallets with much gusto and it seems unlikely that the people of Britain will suddenly throw down their luxurious leather accessories in favour of a technology which - let's face it - has yet to really prove its worth in society.

Indeed, a recent report by Intersperience's Digital Sleeves project found that just 17 per cent of Britons would actually use their mobile phones in place of a wallet. 

Judging by that figure, I would advise against abandoning your favourite (and hopefully) cash-filled friends just yet.

In that spirit, let us at Cash-is-Cool pay our respects to the wondrous invention that is the wallet, by showcasing three of our favourites;


For those of you living a high-flying, fast-paced life, this wallet will make the perfect addition to your everyday accessories. Not only will the slim design fit perfectly into even the smallest of back pockets, it also doubles up as a handy tube map AND (as if that wasn't enough) is water/tear/chemical/abrasion resistant, making it the toughest thing in Britain since 007 himself.

Available from Firebox for £13.99


A much more refined affair, this luxurious leather wallet is a declaration of pure patriotism and makes for the ideal addition to any fashionista's wardrobe. Big enough to use as a handy clutch on a night out, or simply to stuff full of cash, this wallet will certainly add a true sense of style to your shopping.

Available from Aspinal for £115


Slim, durable and available in a range of quirky colours, this wallet is splendidly suited to the more active cash carriers among us. Made to clip onto a belt or lanyard, this wallet can quite literally be made to fit around your day-to-day attire, be it the latest snazzy business suit or a high-tec sky-diving suit!

Available from Evans Cycles for £11.99 

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