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Cash-is-Cool: Our Reason For Being Since 2010

Cash is under threat across our planet. 

Card Schemes and Digital Payment Providers such as Apple Pay hate cash, because it stops them wringing even more profit from their often debt-creating products. 

Visa and MasterCard have both made clear that cash is their enemy. Since 70% plus of all purchases on our planet are made using cash, this enemy of the card schemes must be the trusty friend of humanity. 

Cash-is-Cool is working tirelessly to defend cash from predators such as Card Schemes. 

The Cash-is-Cool Charter for Cash

  1. Payment by cash must ALWAYS be possible and convenient, for any product or service, where the purchase is made in person..
  2. NO extra charge should ever be made for cash acceptance.
  3. NO discount should ever be offered for non-cash use.
  4. The consumer's payment preference- THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE- must always be paramount.
  5. Financial Institutions MUST fund the circulation of ALL denominations of cash, in appropriate quantities to ensure the ease and convenience of cash transactions, for both the public and businesses.

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