UK Banks & UK Economy- Moving Forward Together.

Posted on: 25/11/2013

More stories in the newspapers yesterday about how banks have managed loans/bad debt.

Some of the alleged practices have seemingly left a number of bank customers very unhappy as to how they have been treated.

Any bank customer with a complaint to pursue has a number of potential routes that can be followed,including legal action.Those customers whose stories featured in the press yesterday are no doubt considering their options.

It is understandable if unhappy customers do not "like" banks. However, the UK has to move on from the climate of blaming banks for everything.It is neither appropriate or helpful.

For centuries,the UK's banks have been a cornerstone of a healthy economy.The last few years have not been easy and mistakes have been made by bankers and others, but the time has come to draw a line under the events of the recent past.The time has come to move forward together,with positivity and certainty of intention.

There are new faces and personalities in bank boardrooms.For example, Ross McEwan is the  recently appointed CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland.He and people like him need to be given the opportunity to help lead their banks-and the UK economy-to a new and healthier future.Much remains to be done but there are very promising indications that this can and will happen.

The blame and compensation cultures that now seem to dominate the UK business environment cannot build the good future that all of us need.We must consign those cultures to the dustbin of history,if we want the next ten years to be better than the last.




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