Time For Queen To Step Down?

Posted on: 25/10/2013

Being a Gran myself, I know all about the difficulties in getting the balance right between benefiting from from the experience of older people and, on the other hand,letting younger people have their head.

Our beloved Queen has precisely this predicament.

The photograph yesterday of four Monarchs together-the Queen , Charles,William and George-highlighted the need for the current encumbent to move aside.

Apparently, Prince Charles is in no hurry to take up the reins? Silly boy.He has had enough time to devote to his personal interests.Time now to prove that he has what it takes to succeed his Mum.

Of course,we wouldn't want Charles to hang-on for too long.Ten years would probably be best.

Then he could move over to allow William and Kate to bring a younger feel to the Crown.This will be badly needed by then:it is hard to envisage how the World will look by 2025.The current pace of change is mind-blowing.

I can't see George getting to the throne before 2050, by why time abdication probably will not be necessary.King Wiliam will just dematerialise, Star Trek-style.

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