The Childish and The Cynical

Posted on: 27/06/2012

I was at Royal Ascot last week.

I love the horse racing but I love the dressing up even more!

Mind you, fine clothes do not maketh the man. I saw many a well dressed man behaving like a 6 year old child.

For example, I was having dinner in the Stag restaurant and bar, when a besuited idiot put an empty glass on our dining table. On being handed the glass back, he glared and threw it under the table at which I was seated. This puerile action was greeted by chortles from his equally well-dressed "lady", in whose head there are clearly few moving parts.

It is to be hoped that this couple do not bring forth children, since such off-spring would surely further weaken the human gene pool.

Speaking of weak genes, does it worry you as it does me that Eton boys are in so many powerful positions in our country?

These privileged "lads" are exposed to all sorts of peculiar male-only activity at an early age, only encountering our fairer sex when it is too late to socialise them properly. Not that Eton boys want to be "socialists" but they would benefit from getting a different view of life than that which is available in the Masonic mews, nestling in the shadow of Windsor Castle.

The most famous current product of Eton is of course none other than David Cameron, our coalition Prime Minister.

Now I could say that I don't know what "Sam" saw in Boy David, but we girls need to stick together. So just let's leave it at "perhaps she thought she could change him".

DC (that's the PM, not Washington) is quite careless. Recently, he went home from the pub without his young daughter. Fine if she was 18 but she is 8!

Then, just in the last week, Dave lambasted Jimmy Carr, the comedian, for legally avoiding tax. Purely coincidental of course that Jimmy is a supporter of the Labour Party. Yet, when invited to criticise Gary Barlow, a Tory supporting musician, for the same offence, Dynamic Dave declined to do so.

So you forgive if I am impressed neither by a man’s clothing or his old school tie. So often the rich and privileged turn out to be major disappointments.

Do we really want a major disappointment as our Prime Minister?


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