Post Offices-Countering Bank Branch Closures?

Posted on: 01/02/2014

Very good news from the Post Office in the last few days-they will not be closing any more branches.

The importance of  Post Offices can hardly be over-stressed.There are 11,500 around the UK, often acting as the beating hearts of the communities which cluster around them.

There have of course been many Post Office closures in the last 15 years. There were once nearly 20,000, so about 8000 have disappeared forever.It is good to hear that erosion will not be continuing.

The successs of Royal Mail, delivering parcels for booming on-line retailers,has given the Post Office a tremendous boost.This trend should strengthen further,ensuring an excellent future for both businesses.

The resilence of the Post Office is particularly important at a time when High Street Banks are having to contract their own branch networks for economic reasons. The banks are right to act to restore soundly-based profitability but the good news is that Post Offices willl be able to help fill any gaps left in local service provision by bank branch closures.

An example of how Post Offices can replace banks is in terms of cash provision.Almost everyone in the UK still uses cash and seven million adults ONLY use cash in living their daily lives.The good news is that , thanks to the Post Office and LINK working together, we can all get the vital cash we need using our debit cards at every UK Post Office Counter in the UK.

11,500 extra places to get lovely lolly! Wonderful!

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