Organised Religions - Poverty For The Masses

Posted on: 24/09/2012

You will have gathered from previous postings on this site that it is the editorial team's belief that it is inevitable that around 80 per cent of the World's population will remain poor.

The good news is that if you are reading this in the UK, you will most likely be in the other 20 per cent. 

Of course , even though there is an economic structural issue that makes poverty inevitable, it is still possible for nations or groups within nations to move into the fortunate top 20 per cent.

One of the most significant roadblocks that prevents people moving out of poverty is presented by organised religions.

The depressing vision that regularly surfaces on the Television News is that of people of different religious leanings killing one another. Those who lead those religions appear to have limitless persuasive powers when it comes to convincing their adherents that they need take up arms against those of different "faiths".

Karl Marx famously once remarked that religion is the opium of the masses. Today this might be updated to "Crime is the consequence of congregations".

In other words, wherever there is a gathering of those who feel the need to be together to demonstrate their beliefs, there is a significant chance that trouble will brew.

The answer? Belief in God, any God, is a private matter. It should not require gatherings outside the home. Such gatherings should therefore have no place in secular societies. Restricting congregations would limit the number of killings - and make watching the News much less harrowing.

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