Of Course Having Children Makes A Difference

Posted on: 11/07/2016

Apparently, Andrea Leadsom didn't mean to say that having children gave a parent a bigger stake in the future.


Those without children fend for themselves, often very selfishly. They may play the role of affable Aunts and Uncles, but that is very much a " great to have them, better to give them back" scenario.

Decent parents, on the other hand, are not simply concerned with feeding and clothing their offspring. They are also focused on the future the children will face as adults. 

How safe will the country and world be? What job prospects will be available? Will they be able to buy a house? And so on, and so on.....

The concerns parents have are not intellectual musings. They are intensely practical and often involve significant pre-planning to resolve them, in the best interests of their kids.

So Theresa May ( or May not) have many qualities that suit her to the role of PM. However, the fact she does not have children DOES remove a number of concerns from her horizon and inevitably means that she is a less well-rounded person. 

Mrs May could still be a good candidate to become Prime Minister. The country will let her know shortly after she calls a General Election.

Andrea Leadsom, on the other hand,  will now never know the verdict of the nations electorate on what she didn't mean to say but should have.


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