Lets Have Floods - Of Honesty.

Posted on: 07/12/2015

Watching on TV so many ladies of my age again being rescued by boat from houses in Carlisle, only 6 years after being told it wouldn't happen again for 250 years, made me think about honesty in politics.

Thinking done.

There isn't any.

There is so little governments seem to be able to do about any issue of import. The Prime Minister should have a sign on his desk " The Buck Has Died And Who The Hell Cares?".

In my lifetime, a succession of UK administrations have proved unable to deal successfully with:

* NHS Waiting Lists

* Housing shortages

* Reducing the National Debt ( or even the Budget Deficit)

* Terrorism

* Poverty

* Airport congestion

* Anything further away than the next election

So lets have a deluge of honesty.

In future, when politicians are asked what they can do to solve any problem, one of the following stock responses would be appreciated:

* I haven't any idea.

* Your guess is as bad as mine.

* Statistically, this has always been a problem and  I expect that trend to continue.

* Do I look like Einstein?

* I am focused on other problems we cannot solve at the moment.

* I did have a good answer, but I forget what it was.

* Stop harassing me. The BBC should know better than to expect solutions from the likes of me.

* I haven't got time for this. I have a slot on Have I Got News For You to prepare for.

* Ask Nicola Sturgeon. She is better at avoiding questions than what I am.

Any, haven't got time to write more - I am preparing for a slot on #HIGNFY.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. If you don't, please accept one of the following apologies:





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