Let's Have A Year Of Good News!

Posted on: 21/01/2014

The year has started well as far as good news is concerned.

First, retailers announced that Christmas 2013 had been the strongest sales-wise for a number of years.The Public-you & me-have got a bit of confidence back and nothing opens a wallet faster than confidence!

The next piece of good news to hit the headlines was that the Consumer Price Index only rose by 2% in December.This is the smallest year-on-year increase for some time and is a strong indication that price inflation is under control.With wages only rising at around 1% ,we are all still worse off-but less worse of than we might have been!

They always say good news comes in threes.Sure enough, there has been a third  happy  announcement since 1 January.This gem is that the UK economy will grow faster in 2014 than in any comparable EC country. Higher growth means extra profits for businesses and more job opportunities for workers.In other words,a win-win situation.

So a very good start to the New Year!

Can it continue?

Of course!

The Stock Market is maintaining its progress, which is good news for almost everyone in the UK. A further 10% uplift in the next 12 months is forecast by many commentators.Lets hope that proves to be a conservative view.

I also expect positive updates from our UK Banks.The sale of Lloyds shares by the Government should gather pace, returning many £Billions to the National Coffers.

In fact , it should also be a good year for Bank customers.Lending is increasing, helping both house buyers and businesses. I know many Banks are looking to further improve service levels,which will be a boost for millions of their customers.

Bad news? None yet-let's hope that trend continues throughout a shiny, happy 2014!

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