Ladies' Tennis - The Game's Up

Posted on: 05/07/2012

As you might imagine, I am a great champion for our sex. I demand equitable treatment for all of us.

However, in watching Wimbledon in the last couple of weeks (it’s about my 60th time watching this wonderful tournament), it really hit me that ladies' tennis is generally of a mediocre standard. There is just not the variety, quality and excitement that one finds in the men's game.

Yet the women's champion earns as much as the men's. Is that fair?

Some people put forward the number of sets (3 for ladies, 5 for men) to demonstrate that the female game is less deserving of financial reward. I am not sure I go along with that: I don't mind a match being shorter if the quality is good.

My problem is that the quality is lower and has less depth in the ladies’ section.

So I think women at Wimbledon need to lose a few pounds. That's £'s in their purses, not around their hips!

A fair split would be two thirds of prize money to men, one third to women.

Of course, if the standard of the ladies’ game improves, the split of prize money can be reviewed. However, I have been waiting 60 years for improvement. That is a long time to wait with no end game yet in sight.

Come on girls, I may not have long to go. I am already a Golden Girl - let’s see some golden ladies' tennis soon!

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