It is the BHA which needs to be horsewhipped!

Posted on: 11/11/2011

You will have gathered from previous blogs of mine that I like my horse racing.

Actually, I love it!

Now this great sport is being ruined by the British Horseracing Authority, whose brown-nosing of the RSPCA has lead to the introduction of crazy rules re the use of whips in races.

The UK has many of the best jockeys in the world. The vast majority of those jockeys -indeed all who are involved in British Horse Racing - love horses. Such people would never dream of hurting the animals in their care.

We are asked to accept that the rules had to change because, although the horses were not hurt, it all "looked bad" on TV.

What rubbish! Why let the do-gooders always dictate, when their concerns are nonsense?

In my view, all at the BHA should resign BUT before they do so, they should abandon the new idiotic rules.

That's Horse Sense for you!

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