Hilary Clinton - A Leader In Waiting No Longer?

Posted on: 06/09/2015

The United States has not had a female President since inception.

To date, apparently, no mere woman has been equipped to fill the Oval Office.

In 2015, are over 200 Million women living in the 50 States of the Union. Yet the males chauvinists deny that any one of  them is ripe to take over the reins of power?

Hilary Clinton is a first-class candidate for the Presidency. Lets be honest.The women of America could elect her on their own, without any support from men. If they fail to do so, they will be signaling that they are prepared for ever more to accept male supremacy at the highest level of Government. They will be genuflecting to the males who have for so long botched the running of the affairs of state.

Hilary Clinton deserves the opportunity to plot a course for the worlds most powerful democracy. There are many problems on our planet that the United States could help solve and, with her experience of international affairs, Hilary is well-placed to both identify and implement workable solutions.

American voters have a clear choice to make. They can plod on, with feet of clay, held-back by the insularity of the Right - or they can stride forward confidently, under a new and better leadership.

Come to think of it, there really is no choice : VOTE FOR HILARY CLINTON!

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