FGM - We Need To See Lengthy Prison Sentences.

Posted on: 27/10/2014

Female Genital Mutilation is one of the great scandals of our time.

This barbaric act is estimated to have been carried out on over 170,000 women now living in the UK.

There is NO justification for this brutality towards women. No cultural or religious excuse is acceptable. IT MUST STOP RIGHT NOW.

So far, not one successful prosecution of either doctors or parents has been achieved in the UK. This is a disgraceful failure of the police, Crown Prosecution Service and Government.

Women need action IMMEDIATELY. As I write, scores of young girls will be en route to this horrific fate. Each case tarnishes the reputation of the British justice system and further undermines our right to call our country civilised.

What to do? PROSECUTE.

Parents and the doctors collaborating with them in this abominable crime against womankind, MUST be given lengthy sentences. The minimum should be 10 years, without parole.

One thing is certain. As soon as one set of parents and one doctor are incarcerated for a decade, the practice will die out.

We must do what we can for the 170,000 women who have already been viciously mutilated but they greatest service we can perform is to ensure not one more girl is added to that already obscene total.

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