EE - The Worst Customer Service On The Planet?

Posted on: 11/09/2014

Everything Everywhere is a TERRIBLE name. The clown who thought it up should be painted Orange and forced to walk around the planet forever ( or until his battery runs out; so about three hours, if he talks to himself while he walks).

The worst thing about the EE name, of course, is the fact that the company in reality provide Nothing Nowhere. Take the example of today. I have an international phone problem, yet having responded to what seemed like a hundred questions on the EE automated telephone answering system, I was informed that Customer Service ( come again? Is that what you call it?), doesn't open for business until 8 AM British Summer Time! IT SHOULD BE A 24 HOUR STAFFED SERVICE IF THEY ARE SELLING PACKAGES THAT SUPPOSEDLY WORK AROUND THE PLANET.

I am particularly angry about my situation because I never wanted to be an EE customer in the first place. Indeed, I wasn't until my phone was damaged and the EE shop forced me to switch from my Orange contract ( which I had first signed almost 20 years ago) to EE.

What the fast-talking but, as it turned out, rather unethical shop assistant in the EE Emporium did NOT mention was that the EE " Plan" they forced me to sign was nowhere near as suitable for my needs as my old Orange arrangement. He didn't care or care to explain.

Subsequent to signing the unwanted contract with EE, I have changed plans on a couple of occasions, but the sales people have never found me a plan in any way comparable to my Orange deal. Presumably Orange were being too generous to customers and the enforced contract switch has been aimed at  forcing up prices under the Economically Excruciating banner.

It is not just plans that have caused problems in terms of my "relationship" with EE. Another example of the terrible service is where, every few weeks, I get messages asking me to prove I am 18 or over! Since I am nearer 80 than 18, the frustration of such nonsense may drive me to an early grave!

And now, to cap it all, todays issue.

With Orange, I traveled everywhere in the world and used my phone as much as I wanted anywhere. The bills were sometimes high but they were fair enough at the time and paid without quibble, by Direct Debit.

No such trouble-free service from EE. I get a text message saying my high usage means I will have to make a payment on account. They give me a phone number to ring to make the payment, but I am unable to ring it because EE have already barred outgoing calls! Does idiotic cover it?!

I eventually find a landline to call the payment service, make the payment ( which, by the way, was lower than the monthly bills settled by my DD with Orange, so why the need for an interim payment) and thought my service would be restored. Naive. 15 hours later the phone still doesn't work!

Believe it or not, the only way to contact EE " out of hours" ie before 8 AM British Summer Time, is via Facebook or Twitter. So I Tweeted them. To be fair, they Tweeted back that they would look into my problem.No further news, 15 hours on.

Am I turning red with anger? No. I just want to turn back to Orange for pleasure.

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