Doing It Yourself - Who Wants To?

Posted on: 10/09/2012

One of major issues I have with "modern" business thinking is that most people in business prefer to restrict their activities to sales and marketing. Few want to make anything or carry out a physical service.

Fingers on key boards are the preference. Providing feet on the ground or bodies in factories can be left to others.

Nothing wrong with that, you might say. Except, of course, that SOMEONE has to repair your car, deliver your parcels, manufacture the soap powder you use, and so on and so on.......

Frankly, I have always liked businesses that do "real" things. Call me daft but I take real pleasure in delivering sharp-end services to customers. I hope I never lose that element of my character because, without it, I might as well retire.

There are of course skills involved in selecting and appointing contractors. Those who do such things best are also able to squeeze ultra low prices from their "lucky" victims!

No one can knock good negotiators but when such skills are entirely focused on price, in the end quality suffers. The contractors have to cut quality to make the prices they have tendered viable.

The UK can no longer be the "factory to the World". Our future as a nation depends on service industries and especially hospitality. However, let's not lose sight of the fact that the best service is delivered by human beings. If the human beings in the UK do NOT provide a good service to customers, both British and International, those customers will go elsewhere.

Which brings me finally to Heathrow.  The ultimate in poor service delivery.

Heathrow needs to be enlarged - with a third runway - and improved.  If this - or any other - Government can't see that, they are being deliberately obtuse.

The service Heathrow is currently providing to airline passengers, including international visitors to the UK, is appalling.

The answer is not to be found in the middle of the Thames estuary - it lies between the ears of Government Ministers.

They need to give the green light to Heathrow development before the end of 2012, with a new runway built before the end of 2015. Planning laws which might prevent this must be swept away.

We can still do things in the UK. Let's prove it to ourselves by starting at Heathrow. Tens of Millions of visitors to the UK will be grateful - and they will prove their gratitude by coming back to visit us again and again!

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