Cash Acceptance - I WANT to make my views clear!

Posted on: 20/11/2020

There are "experts" who argue that there are only 2 million people in the UK who currently NEED to use cash.

These same experts usually contend that the figure has been decreasing for years and that, ultimately, it will tend to zero, through a combination of death and digital innovation.

The subtext of this messaging is " ... and what does a group of only 2.1 million matter anyway? They are unlikely to be tax payers and they probably can't/don't bother to vote."




In contrast, at least half the UK adult population - so more than 25 MILLION people - regularly report when surveyed that they WANT to use cash. 

I am one of this large group.

So let me be very clear about my WANT large cohort:

* We are NOT going to die out.

* We are NOT going to be digitalised into oblivion.

* We are NOT going to allow vested interests to take away our RIGHT to use cash - our RIGHT to exercise Payment Choice.

* We are mostly Tax Payers - and we DO vote.

In my personal submission to the Treasury, I will be making very clear that the UK government needs to pass a law early in 2021 that compels all businesses which accept in-person payments to accept cash.

Once the law is passed, the WANT group will swing into decisive action, shaming businesses which try to circumvent the legislation - and, ultimately, slapping writs on them to bring them back into the realm of the moral and law-abiding.



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