Cash - Time for Action, Not Talk.

Posted on: 22/09/2017

I founded Cash-is-Cool way back in 2010.

I did so because cash, the worlds favourite payment method, was under threat.

The vested interests were already at work, spending $ Millions on advertising campaigns, rubbish cash and promoting the glory of plastic cards.

I recall vividly the meetings and telephone calls I had with so many people, trying to get them to join the fight to save cash.

I got absolutely no response. Men and women of straw, they sat on their hands and kept their lips firmly sealed, hoping that someone else would do it.

So I did.

Today, there are more people who seem to be interested in the subject, but, even now, their numbers are small and they tend to speak to themselves, rather than aiming to win public support for the salvation of cash, which is very definitely a matter of huge Public Interest.

I concern myself with practical matters. For example, the introduction of the LINK Universal Cash Deposit Transaction at UK ATMs.

This transaction will help millions of people and businesses. No longer will you have to search for the branch (fast disappearing!) or ATM of your own bank. You will be able to deposit at ANY hardware-enabled ATM ANYWHERE in the UK.

I am absolutely determined to see this transaction implemented at UK ATMS during 2018.

If you know me, you will be confident this Universal Deposit Transaction WILL appear at some stage next year.

Meantime, others sit in meetings, debating the future of the worlds most valued payment method.

The answer? NO FUTURE -unless practical measures, like Universal Cash Deposit, are introduced NOW.

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