Alex Salmond - He Is no Loser.

Posted on: 20/09/2014

Had I opted to have a vote in the Scottish Referendum - I could have done so, because I own an apartment in Edinburgh - I would have voted "no".

So, as I write this, it is not in the spirit of being a disappointed supporter of independence.

Alex Salmond has been portrayed as a broken man, a loser.

He is neither.

Alex Salmond has spent his life working to give Scotland the opportunity to gain independence from the UK. He has been an honorable man, an excellent politician and a brilliant orator. He has won the support of many people and, despite the jokes that are often made, he has been immeasurably more successful in inspiring Scots than Mel Gibson or The Corries. 

When Salmond entered politics, the SNP had no chance of winning power in Scotland, let alone gaining a referendum on independence. Salmond, working with others, changed all of that. He led his party to control of the Scottish Parliament and persuaded the UK Government to give the Scottish public their first opportunity for centuries to opt for independence.

By any standards, therefore, Alex Salmond has had a very successful career. Indeed, arguably he has been the most influential Scottish politician in modern times.

In the end, Scots refused the opportunity to become independent. Depending on your viewpoint, you may believe they were correct to do so, or completely wrong. However, one thing is certain. They had the choice. Much of the credit for that must be given to Alex Salmond.

Mr Salmond has decided to resign his post as First Minister of Scotland. He can do so with his head held high, safe in the knowledge that he has delivered into the hands of his fellow Scots the right to exercise a democratic freedom they had never before enjoyed.

It's funny, you know. When I heard Alex Salmonds resignation speech, I suddenly felt a little pang of regret. Regret that the chance of such a vote might never come again and even that, in some way, Scots like myself, the "no" majority, had let him down.

I am sure the feeling will pass and I still see myself as a no voter, if any new poll is ever taken. Still, it is a measure of Mr Salmond that he inspires doubt, even in those who do not support him.

So well done, Alex. You will be sorely missed in many ways. However, on the bright side, as a lifelong Heart of Midlothian supporter, you can now spend your time working with the 8000 new supporter owners( I am one of them) , helping this wonderful club to do even better. The Premier League title could be won  season 2015/16. ( A new dream for Mr Salmond!).

In some walks of life, you don't need to wait at least 15 years for another opportunity to win.





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