Why I Can Be Content

Posted on: 25/11/2017

Women tend to be more realistic than men.

After all, we seem to spend a significant part of our lives listening to men, whilst knowing, realistically, that we cannot believe much of what we hear.

All my many years of life have brought home to me two crucial pieces of realism.

Firstly, about money.

Money only has the value that the powerful are prepared to ascribe to it. The vast majority of us work throughout our lives to earn enough to survive and then find the value of what we have worked so long to acquire wiped out by the whim of the powerful. They treat us like a pet mouse, with a wheel we can go on turning, but going nowhere. 

Does that make you feel small?

Think how small you feel - and then halve it. 

That is how important you are to the powerful.

Secondly, about religion.

All religions have been created by men, to maintain their right to spend much of their time talking. We women are granted little or no consideration by most religions. Often, we are not even allowed into every part of the buildings men use as monuments to their gods and their own power.

We are certainly seldom allowed any important role in the management structures of religions. Power resides with men.

I have to say that I try to stay as far away as possible from all religions.

I accept that what has been created on this planet is an accident of chemical reactions. No more, no less. No external party is needed to explain those reactions. 

The structures of religion have been created to provide the opportunity for the few to have power over the rest.

Marx, I believe, described religion as the opium of the masses. 

Marx did not go far enough.

If the opium doesn't work, if the masses wake up from their stupor, religion becomes the slayer of the masses. How many millions have died, since the dawn of time, because of often minute and certainly artificially created differences between religions? 

An understanding of money and religions has left me very content.

Content to welcome the sun rising every day. Neither the monetarily powerful or the religious zealots can stop that happening.

I am content with that victory.

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