Who Could Be Grumpy Today?

Posted on: 18/04/2014

It is really not possible to be grumpy today.

As I look out of my window to the lovely countryside near Bath, the bright sun has clearly badly warped my personality.

Usually, I can find something to complain about. Today, though, all is well with the world, or at least my portion of it.

Part of my pleasure is from just walking my dog. She is a pretty little mongrel, as I used to be, and,also like me,she is friendly to almost everyone.Except, of course, other dogs. Tiny she may be, but she is also the possessor of a heart the size of a Lions.Being small, she never finishes a fight well, but she starts fast and runs faster, so all usually ends well. If not, I can often use my wrinkly face to frighten any hounds of hell.

Talking about nice girls, it  is a pleasure to behold Kate and William touring Down Under. I had no idea the two Royals had committed a crime deserving of such a transportation, but they have certainly coped well with their misfortune. They smile brightly and continuously, appearing to enjoy the inanities on offer from the local Selfie Snappers. Ms K seems well suited to the role, which is not meant to be a criticism,even if,inevitably, it sounds like one.

One day Kate will be Queen. Until then, she can continue to be the wonderfully well-balanced individual, who somehow thought it right to help form the best double act since Peters and Lee.

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