What Makes A Better Person?

Posted on: 04/04/2014

Some years ago, I mounted a campaign to save the Portman Building Society from takeover. I did so because I both admired the Building Society Movement and valued the quality of service provided by the team at the Portman.

I failed in my attempt to save the Portman.Over 400,000 members of the Building Society opted to receive a few hundred £s as a pay-off for voting "Yes" to the takeover.I, along with 50,000 others, voted "No". Does that make me a better person than the 400,000 who took the money?


More recently,I refused the opportunity to buy shares in Royal Mail at the original IPO price.I have actually never bought shares in any company Privatised by any Government.I believe the prices have always been far too low,effectively ripping-off the British Public -me included. I eventually bought shares in Royal Mail for £5.85 , which I consider a fair price for a long term investment in the company.Does that make me a better person than those who rushed to buy shares in the IPO?


This morning I see headlines in the Times and other newspapers, trying to hound Maria Miller,the Culture Secretary,out of her job because of a £5000 over-claim of expenses,spread over a number of years.I recall that the same newspapers largely played-down the loss of £1.4 Billion to taxpayers brought about by the cheap sale of Royal Mail shares. I view those seeking Maria Millers sacking as vultures and hypocrits.Does that make me a better person than them?


So this morning I am not exactly feeling at one with the World - but I am feeling content with myself.I hope the other 50,000 worthies who joined me in voting "No" to the loss of the Portman years ago are sharing my feelings this morning.We ,"the Few",did what was right,not what was expected.Does that make us better people?


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