UK Youngsters Must Be Employed First

Posted on: 04/10/2013

I was reading yesterday the excellent Director magazine ( published by the Institute of Directors),when I came across a commentary by Simon Walker, the IOD Director General.

With the exception of his views on Heathrow-get on and develop it-there is not much on which Simon and I would agree.

A good example is the "Walkers Guide To Migration",where the DG trots out the usual line "all economic research shows that migrants bring economic benefits to Britain".

What Walker chooses to ignore is the social cost of UK youth unemployment.

There is no benefit to UK society in hundreds of thousands of youngsters to flood in from all corners of the EC.They are taking the basicly low-skilled jobs in catering and retailing that UK youngsters need as the first rung on their ladder of building a career-and a future.

We need to get our million under 25s into work before allowing migrants to take "starter" jobs.This in no way contradicts the general point that migrants bring economic benefit BUT specific issues need to be addressed.We cannot allow huge numbers of UK youngster to become permanently unemployed.To do so would ultimately undermine the stability of our society for all,including migrants.

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