Transport for London Are A Disgrace.

Posted on: 05/02/2014

Last year, Transport for London (TfL),who mess up virtually all Public Transport in London,announced that they were going to conduct a consultation process regarding their idea to stop Londoners using cash on the buses.

Of course,the so-called consultation was a farce. TfL received many objections to their daft proposal BUT these have all been ignored. The ban on cash payments for bus fares will start this Summer.

So despite the fact that last year 54% of all UK payments were made using cash, London bus fares will not feature in that category in 2015.

As ever, "costs" are blamed.The dictators at TfL claim it costs £24 Million each year to process cash payments,which they say account for only 1% of all fares.

The £24 Million figure is almost certainly mythological.They probably just thought of a number,then kept on doubling it until it looked worrying enough.

Our view? TfL waste so much money every year that £24 Million is a small price to pay to maintain the publics right to choose how they pay for their bus fares.

Our message to TfL? Focus on improving your service,not on restricting public choice.If you are not prepared to do so, you can get on your bikes,Boris style or otherwise.

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