Toodle pip to the most depressing month of the year and hello to February!

Posted on: 02/02/2011

Grumpy Granny celebrates the end of January and discusses the payday woes of the most depressing month of the year.

End of the worst month! Yes, January is finally over! I have always thought it odd that we all madly celebrate the dawn of a new year - then along comes miserable old January.

Okay, so THIS January was slightly better than the last in some respects… there was less snow I guess, but not much else of cheer can be reported.

Staying on the weather front, we had the least sunshine in the month since records started to be kept (who decided to keep such records, I wonder? Some Really Interesting Person?). I will not go through all the troubles of the world - I have no wish to rival Tolstoy. Suffice to say that if anything good had happened, I would be writing about it.

Of course January had one curse completely unconnected with world affairs. It is simply the month where there is the biggest gap between paydays! Most of us, including me in my little part time job (no, I am not an MP), get paid early in December. This doubtless increases our ability to give expensive seasonal gifts BUT it also certainly leaves the cupboard/current account bare as we enter into the new year.

I struggle to reach the next payday without using my overdraft. Many millions of my fellow Brits suffer the same fate - or much worse. So I am always very careful with my January salary when it eventually arrives. No champagne celebrations for me sadly. A tepid half of bitter (very bitter!)…shandy is my lot. The only one consolation must be that the person who devised this terrible gap between paydays also decreed that February is the shortest month of the year. So we all get paid again very soon! So thank goodness it's February, and, soon after, our lovely English Spring!

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