Theresa May - Unsuited To Leadership

Posted on: 17/06/2017

The investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire will take months. 

However, the Government response to support the residents should have been immediate and decisive.

It was not.

Those who were not injured physically should not have been left to sleep in a Church Hall or other mass accommodation. ALL OF THEM SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACCOMMODATED IN GOOD HOTELS IN THE BOROUGH OF KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA. THERE ARE MANY OF THEM. The Government should have DEMANDED that rooms were freed up immediately, with normal hotel customers moved to rooms elsewhere in London.

I understand massive amounts of food and clothing arrived quickly BUT cash, either in the form of actual currency or pre paid cards, should have been given to EVERY person involved. £500 MINIMUM for immediate use, with more readily available.

The cards could have been issued by the local Council staff or Citizens Advice, working with the Council. Councils already use such cards to pay emergency funds to those deserving immediate help. WHO COULD BE MORE DESERVING THAN THE RESIDENTS OF GRENFELL TOWER? No questions or quibbles - or fear of Daily Mail headlines " Disaster Monies Fall Into Wrong Hands". "JUST DO IT" SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE  KEY MESSAGE TO ALL THOSE GIVING AID TO THE VICTIMS.

It was all very easy to do. All it required was a Prime Minister with an understanding of the plight of those who lived - and died - in Grenfell Tower AND a capacity for decisive action.

The current UK Prime Minister is NOT a coward. She is NOT a bad human being.

She is also NOT a leader.

She must be replaced by someone who is. IMMEDIATELY.

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