The UK No Longer Able To Fund A Society?

Posted on: 09/02/2017

Every day, there are reports of the financial strain on Public Services in the UK.

The National Health Service is failing patients - and its many heroic staff.

Social Services are neglecting those they should be supporting, leaving the old and others desperate for help to fail to cope, on their own, isolated. Charities try in vain to fill the gap left by under funding.

Schools can no longer provide a decent education, with class sizes growing and the five day school week under threat of being reduced to four. Underpaid teachers despair.

Meanwhile, the UK National Debt has never been higher; and it grows, every day.

So, seven years after austerity became public policy in the UK, it has failed to deliver.

The policy was meant to bring better-than balanced government budgets and a reducing National Debt. Yet, today, no one can tell us, the long-suffering UK Public, when the National Debt will ever stop growing.

Taxation is the only way a government can fund its expenditure - but few want to pay taxes.

The "average" worker, now earning less than 10 years ago, certainly doesn't want to pay. In fact they cannot afford to do so - but , at least, Mr & Mrs Average are not going anywhere, so they must stay and suffer whatever burden is imposed on them.

The "rich", however defined, don't want their taxes to increase - and they can leave the UK if higher taxes are imposed.

Businesses don't want to pay higher corporate taxes - and the big ones can go anywhere they like, so they must be given tax incentives and government hand-outs to persuade them to stay.

A hopeless position? Yes - but one politicians will never be honest about, because they don't want to frighten US, who elect THEM.

Our "Society" barely now deserves that name. Safety nets are in tatters, a shadow of what they once were; something of which we could be proud.

The answer?

17 Million are seemingly putting their faith in Brexit.

Close your eyes and it will all go away?






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