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Posted on: 24/08/2012

The most worrying statistic I have heard in the last week or two is that whilst the UK had about 120,000 Chinese visitors last year, France welcomed 1.2 Million.

Apparently the reason for this disparity is that Chinese visitors to our country need a separate Visa, whereas a general EC one allows them into France.

A UK Government Minister, on seeing the Chinese visitor statistic in the press, remarked along the lines "the more Chinese we let in, the more UK crime increases".

Of course, in a World where UK PLC could prosper based on Financial Services and Manufacturing, it might be ok to insult potential visitors. However, our financial services sector is no longer the great success story it once appeared to be and UK manufacturing is struggling to compete against low wage cost countries.

So we all need to be very clear that the UK’s success going forward will largely depend on tourism and attracting successful foreign nationals to live permanently in our country.

As regards tourism, almost everyone on our planet wants to visit the UK. Our history is long and fascinating, our monuments for the most part well preserved and personal security is seldom an issue. In short, Nirvana for tourists.

Security is also an issue for wealthy foreigners who favour in their droves the UK as a residence. Better for Billionaires could be our slogan. Or, car sales terminology, "One Careful Owner: The Queen".

So let's hope the Government Minister worried about Chinese criminals gets his script right in future.

"Come All Ye Faithful" should be the cry, with "faith" in this case being in the superiority of our wonderful UK as a place to visit and live.

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