The TV Licence - No To Decriminalising Non-Payment.

Posted on: 26/03/2014

Politicians of all colours are offering their support to decriminalising the non-payment of  TV Licence Fees.

This is completely wrong-headed.

Not paying for a TV Licence is theft. Those who fail to pay are criminals and must be treated as such.It really is as simple as that.

Many of those suggesting that decriminalising is appropriate appear to have a hidden agenda. Their real motive is not to free up space in prisons.What they are really after is the weakening of the BBC.They know that decriminalising would lead to fewer people paying,thus undermining the financial position of the Corporation.

Complaints about the level of the Licence Fee are farcical.The cost is around £12 a month, about a quarter of the amount the average Sky customer pays for that service.

The BBC provides good value,whilst maintaining a service of quality and integrity that is recognised and admired in every country on our planet.

The UK Public need to let all tinkering politicians know that undermining the BBC is a vote loser.

Tell them "leave our BBC alone or we will throw you out at the next election". Please send a letter with this message to your local MP.This will ensure they do their meddling elsewhere and leave the Worlds finest broadcasting service to continue to be a "Jewel In The Crown" of our country.

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