The Joys of John Lewis

Posted on: 22/02/2011

Grumpy Granny tells us why John Lewis is her favourite place to spend her cash!

Like Morse...I need my Lewis, except the first name of mine is John. Yes, the retail favourite of the mature ladies (or at least THIS mature lady) is definitely John Lewis. I use all of the retail flavours offered by John Lewis and the word that immediately comes to mind is SERVICE.

Whether enjoying the range of merchandise in one of their major department stores, salivating over the culinary excellence in Waitrose, or receiving exemplary service from one of John Lewis’s home-delivery operations, their customers' needs are  always put first; nothing is too much trouble. In these days when customer service in most environments is laughably poor, John Lewis stands out like a bright beacon.

Great service deserves success – and boy, do John Lewis receive their fair share! In recent years they have outperformed every other comparable retailer in the UK in terms of year-on-year sales growth. Of course, in these hard-pressed days brilliant service alone does not win every customer's wad.

And here's the surprise - John Lewis also offer some of the best value  in terms of cash spends on the High Street. Their slogan is ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ - and it isn't just a slogan, it is part of the John Lewis genes. So a fair percentage of my shopping spend arrives, one way or another, in the tills at John Lewis. Even my knickers come from John Lewis! Cash very well spent I think, when your budget is inelastic!

If you are looking for reasons why John Lewis hit all the right buttons (and sell them too!), look no further than their ownership structure. Everyone working at John Lewis for any length of time is a ‘Partner’ – for example, they own a bit of the business. So when they serve you, it is not on behalf of a remote Board or even more remote shareholders. They are serving you on their own behalf, effectively working for themselves. Yes, I love John Lewis - and the feeling is mutual!             

Have you had brilliant (or poor) service at John Lewis? Comment below and tell Grumpy Granny about it!                                 

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