The Empty Years.....

Posted on: 03/01/2021

In 2013, David Cameron promised that a referendum on the UK's future relationship would be staged if he won the next General Election.

Eight years on, my feeling about the intervening years is crystal clear; they have been a total waste of time.

Nearly a decade of discussing nonsense.

Now, as 2021 begins, as the UK tries to looks forward, the question is to what?

* A UK National Debt that is totally out of control.

* The ongoing disaster created by the pandemic and its mismanagement, with no end in sight.

* An increasingly disaffected population, with the majority of job vacancies in social care and ground transportation, with a clear skew towards zero hour and low hourly-rate contracts.

* Continuous negotiations with the EU, because in reality little has been settled.

* The negative impact of climate change increasing each year.

Of course, neither climate change nor the pandemic are purely UK issues.

The future of the planet is at stake, not merely the fate of the Small Island.

The unhealthy duopoly of two "superpowers", with their splitting of the cake leaving a diminishing number of crumbs for anyone else, needs to be addressed - but by whom? An unhelpfully divided Europe?

As for climate change, however many signatures are appended to the Paris Accord, the future looks warmer and bleak. I will probably not live to see the ice at the North Pole entirely melt, but melt it will, between 2050 and 2060.

The human race - Homo Sapiens - is on course to be the least successful species in the entire history of Earth. We will have come and gone in less than 200,000 years, a longevity that is barely worth a chalk mark on the calendar of a planet that started life 4.5 Billion years ago.

What to do?

Personally, I have no intention of accepting any more Empty Years, whatever the excuse. 

I have no time to waste and I will not allow anyone to waste it for me.

Onwards and Upwards!


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