The Boat People - Leaving Lands Where Hope Has Died.

Posted on: 25/04/2015

The tragic pictures from just off the coast of Sicily earlier this week highlighted the plight of many who will never take such a boat journey.

Our planet is in a pitiless mess. Almost everywhere you look, there are huge problems  which seem insoluble.

The most obvious, of course, are in the Middle East and North Africa, with Syria and Iraq both in a state of civil war. Then there is  the West Bank and Gaza.. Egypt.....Afghanistan.....Libya.... and on and on the list goes.

The rest of  Africa is little better, with civil unrest, terrorism and health issues cursing the Continent.

In another corner of our troubled rock, years after the Earthquake, many people in Haiti still await help that now looks unlikely ever to come.

I could take you on a tour of the globe and find only a few havens of peace and tranquility.

Out of a World population of 7 Billion, at least 4 Billion live lives that are simply pain without respite, trying to  survive each day as it comes, never thinking of the future, because there really isn't one.

Some people, of course, live in pain but still retain hope. The passengers on the boat which foundered a few days ago had some hope, only to see it vanish for most of them beneath the merciless waves.

Is it better to live without hope or to die because you still have some?

Please do not piously proclaim that life is precious. For most of our fellow human beings, life is cheap and unbearable. Loss is what they face every single day.

So, in my view, better to die in the pursuit of hope, of happiness, than to accept the misery of life in a Hell on Earth, created for the most part by those who have no God, no humanity and nothing in their minds by the destruction of others.

There will be many who follow those who tried to come but perished. Salute them, because their courage, even if born of desperation, gives us all a little hope for the future of the human race.



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