The Apple Of My Eyes

Posted on: 05/03/2013

Apple has applied for a patent for an App that puts together locally those who need emergency cash with those who have the cash available.
The market working at its best, linking local buyers and sellers together.

This is an excellent innovation, making cash more accessible and therefore more user-friendly.

Of course, as ever, this new idea has not been universally welcomed.
" Techno Tyrants" are sounding off about how strange it is for high tech Apple to be offering a cash-based solution.

They should instead be praising Apple for supporting diversity.

Critics have also alluded to the supposed security risks of such a currency exchange, ignoring the fact that a wallet of cards is far more attractive to criminals than a pocketful of cash. Cards can be cloned and generally misused to deliver £'000's of illicit gains. It is plastic that presents the greatest security risk, not cash.

Finally - and most absurdly - some who denigrate Apple refer to the fact that Governments want "rid" of cash.


I invite anyone to send me a list of Governments they would trust to control their citizens through card and electronic means.

I am not expecting long/any lists!

Cash is about a few pretty important concepts:

So let's hang on to our cash - and praise Apple. Clearly a company that has excellent values at its core!


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