Tesco - A Little Praise

Posted on: 08/04/2013

Anyone who knows me at all well will know I do not "like" Tesco.
My negative views on Tesco are partly to do with my opinion that the control of the supply chain exerted by big retailers like Tesco is against the long term interests of the UK Public.
My other problem is with "big". To my mind, Tesco simply has too many shops in the UK. Increasing the number each year, it is squeezing out especially independent competitors. Choice is being reduced at an alarming rate.
Since Tesco is not likely to become small any time soon, my fundamentally negative view of the retailer is not going to change.

However, I have to be fair. There is no escaping the truth that Tesco is very good at what it does. Good at growing is one "quality" it has which I abhor - but there are other qualities which I will applaud.

First and foremost, I will praise Tesco because it appears able to motivate its staff. 

Take my local Tesco Express in Roseburn in Edinburgh.

I have to say that I was horrified when this latest addition to the Tesco clan opened for business. I could see it decimating the existing local retailing - and some of that has occurred. For example, a butcher that had been around for as long as I can remember, closed its doors.

As always, I have visited the new Tesco to see what it offers.

The Roseburn Express has a range of merchandise that beats both the local Coop and Spar convenience stores. However, the difference in merchandise offering is not the main element of divergence.

No, where Tesco really score is in relation to the quality of its staff.

Mainly young, the Tesco Team are welcoming, cheerful, helpful and friendly. In short, they provide excellent service and, frankly, significantly better than either of their local competitors.
Even I, a man who retains the hope that Tesco one day becomes enfeebled, am forced to admit that shopping at Roseburn Express is a very pleasurable experience. Made so by the staff, who consistently remind customers of just how much they are valued.

I love good service and that love is increased by the rarity of the experience, especially in the UK.

Roseburn Tesco deserves plaudits for making service a highlight.

Coming from the man who coined the phrase " Every Lidl Helps", this is high praise indeed!

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