Tenner weeks: the new budgeting sensation

Posted on: 23/01/2012

For many, the new year has called for a new take on finances and budgets and - for some - a drastic shake up of personal savings and expenditure.

Rather than looking on this as a wearisome task (what with tax returns due soon we know financial organisation might not seem like the most exciting of tasks!), we at Cash-is-Cool urge you to take the opportunity to make positive financial changes in new and exciting ways; challenge yourself to take bold steps toward a new budgeting strategy.

Many have already taken steps toward a happier and financially healthier 2012, taking to popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to share their successes and their thoughts and to challenge other to take similar action.

"Tenner weeks" have been particularly popular with users of Twitter, who find the simple cash-only budgeting plan an effective way of managing their savings. By restricting their expenditure to just one £10 note per week, tweeters like @PennyGoLightly have been able to keep close control of their spending habits and have prevented any unnecessary purchases with credit or debit cards.

Student budget site @SaveTheStudent are now challenging university students to try a tenner week in the hope that they can prevent the temptation of using a student credit card, overdraft or a short-term, high-interest loan.

We at Cash-is-Cool are now challenging you to take up the tenner week trial! Start off 2012 on a firm financial foot by restricting yourself to a controlled cash budget. Let us know how you get on by commenting below or tweeting us @cash_is_cool. 

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