Saturday TV

Posted on: 27/06/2011

I stayed in on Saturday - what a mistake!
TV was truly dreadful, culminating in an indescribably bad "chat" show run by Lee Mack.
The basis of this show seemed to be that all the audience had to either be ugly or look like someone famous (or both).
Let's just say that the audience did not let us down - but Lee Mack certainly did.
Lee can be funny but in this awful vehicle for his talents, his humour is so stilted and contrived that it really wasn't funny, simply excruciating.
I know the BBC has some tight budgets but, honestly, simply showing the Test Card would be better than inflicting this drivel on viewers’ hard-pressed eyes.
Lee would be best advised to leave the chat show format to the excellent Graham Norton and restrict himself to sitcoms and the like where he does an ok job if given decent material.
Anyway, I won't be seeing Lee again anytime soon - staying in on a Saturday really doesn't work for a girl of my tender years!
By the way, no more horsey tips for now. I do not want to risk all of my readers ending up in the poorhouse!

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