Royal Mail Sale-Commonsense Posted Missing?

Posted on: 07/10/2013

It is particularly ironic that the Government should choose this moment to privatise profitable Royal Mail,just as the debate restarts as to how to protect the Public-you and me-from rampant price inflation at the privatised utilities.


Privatisations, along with the demutualisation of Building Societies,have left the Public at the mercy of a small number of profit-hungry PLCs, with little choice but to do business with them.

David Cameron was right to state at his party conference that there is nothing wrong with profit.However, where there is no real competition between service providers AND no proper regulation,profits are too easily earned through excessive price increases.Check your energy and water bill history for the last decade if you want proof of this.It is there in black and white, along with the red on your bank statements.

One of the worst aspects of the privatisation programme has been the greedy consolidstion of all the industries concerned.The many has become the few and numbers are still reducing.

The same will happen with Royal Mail.Within a few years it will be taken over by the likes of DHLor Federal Express.Start mourning now:the end is inevitable.

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