Right To Forget? Absolutely!

Posted on: 05/07/2014

So much rubbish is being talked about the EC authorities forcing Google  to implement a "right to forget".

It seems still not to be widely appreciated how much of the so-called "news" we are exposed to has actually been put out by  vested interests seeking to further their own ends.

Of course, we all know that the likes of Hello Magazine pay people to allow gain access to their houses, weddings, christenings & other events.

However, in reality, there isn't that much reality ANYWHERE in our media.

Stories are often planted by PR agencies seeking to promote their clients objectives, however dubious those objectives may be.

Journalists can be quite lazy, glad to sit by their PCs and phones, waiting for the "news" to come in. Also, many journalists have their own little sidelines, such as making personal appearances at conferences and other events. If they get a "news" lead from the same source which is giving them nice little bits of outside work, human nature dictates that some at least of the journalists may not be too rigorous in their checking of the "news" they are fed.

So we are all for the "right to forget", happy in the knowledge that in many cases the "news" item forgotten should never have appeared in the first place.

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