Retire And Die?

Posted on: 14/02/2013

As a growingly old person myself, I am staggered at the decision of the Pope to retire.
Popes don't retire- they die on the job.

No Pope has retired for 600 years. That is a very significant historic precedent for not taking a pension. Apparently, Pope Benedict travelled to Cuba and Africa last year and found it all very tiring. His doctors advised him not to travel again or face the consequences.

What consequences, pray?

The Pope is 85 plus. At that age, you have lived life to the full. There is no down side. My view? Go on living the way you have been and, if the Grim Reaper arrives, be ready to meet him with a smile on your face.

Perhaps the mistake the Pope has made is listening to his doctors.

I would put Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants in the same locked room. The plate on the door?  "Enter At Your Own Risk: Professional Advice Within".

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