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Posted on: 18/02/2011

This week Grumpy Granny gives us the lowdown on the Ladies’ Day at the Races!

I’m a devoted fan of the Races, but even if you’re not, I think most people have some type of pre-disposed opinion as to what a day out at the races must entail. I always think that going to the Races is a fun way to spend your cash on a day out, and, when I do win, it’s always great to have that bit of extra cash to spend!

For any of you folks who have never been to a race, here’s how the betting side of it works. If you want then you can place your bets online away from the racecourse at any time and on any race. Fortunately though, there are absolutely no requirements in placing your bets online for the day before going to the races. You could if you want, but it would take much of (well most of, really) the thrill away from the day in my opinion.

Depending on the size of the race meeting, there’s usually a number of on-course bookmakers outside in the betting ring, or ‘at the rail’ as it’s sometimes referred to. These chaps deal exclusively in cash (definitely no chip and pin). It’s usually a very quick transaction, where you pick the bookmaker you want to use (usually the one offering the best odds on the horse you fancy), tell him what you want, give him the cash and he’ll give you a small betting slip in return. If your horse wins, you go back to him and claim your winnings, again always in cash. They want to get as many bets through their hands as possible, so don’t have time to be messing about with credit and debit cards.

To put it simply, when you are on the racecourse, it is pretty much cash only as far as betting is concerned (most racecourses have cash machines available)!

On another note, I have always thought it is pretty funny to have ‘Ladies’ Days’ at horse race meetings. Don't ladies usually turn up for racing anyway? The fillies certainly turn up to race, and I am sure the split of the human sexes at most race meetings is pretty close to 50/50. After all, behind every loser a supportive lady can usually be found...

The other query I have about these ‘Ladies’ Days’ is that they often turn into ‘Ladettes’ Days’, with we Ladies letting the side (and everything else) down by behaving worse than the so-called ‘Gentlemen’.

So let's dispense with these far from special days. Ladies are day-in-day-out just as important to the racing industry as men. Even if we do still need help writing a betting slip on Grand National Day!

Having said that, I do very much enjoy the fashion to-do that comes with the Ladies’ Day at the Races, especially seeing who’s wearing which hat. And it’s always fun to see if you can spot yourself in the back pages of Tatler magazine after the event - or even the tabloids!

What do you think about Ladies’ Day at the Races? Are you for or against? Comments below please!

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