Prince Harry And The Girls Eager To Join The Cue?

Posted on: 29/08/2012

The manoeuvres Prince Harry was on in Las Vegas did not seem to come from any Sandhurst training course.

The Rampant Royal seems to have devised his own offensive strategies. The photographic evidence suggests that these were successful in overcoming any token resistance.

I have to admit that Strip Snooker is a new one to me. In my heyday, Poker was the game of choice for budding naturists.

I have never even occupied a hotel bedroom that could comfortably accommodate both a snooker table and a bed. Though I suppose you don't strictly need a bed if the balls have been pocketed.

Snooker is of course a sport rich in sexual imagery.

Cues could be regarded as classic phallic symbols, with the act of chalking the tip enhancing the titillation.

We have no reliable reports of Harry's prowess but, whichever colour he favours, I am sure he never miscues.

As for the young lady pictured with Hurricane Harry, it seems doubtful that this was her first big break.

Many girls (myself included) would of course swoon at the prospect of enjoying a long pot or a subtle screw shot, courtesy of the Prince. However, as ever, the female caught on camera will have some explaining to do to her mother.

I suppose “I’ve been framed" could be her best defence.

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