Poverty? Not My Problem!

Posted on: 24/09/2012

I have to say that I have never found politicians attractive but the current bunch are perhaps the least attractive in my long lifetime.

The UK’s Terrible Twins have the fixed smiles of synchronised swimmers and the charisma of wet dish cloths.

In the States, the position is even worse. The President has proven to be a good talker but little more. However, the least appealing figure on that side of the pond has to be Mitt Romney.

Mitt famously annoyed everyone in the UK by appearing to cast aspersions on London's ability to host the Olympics. He certainly got that wrong.

Back home, Rampaging Romney has made gaffs with a frequency that is truly startling. His latest is a humdinger.

Seeking to impress a gathering of potential donors - cash, not organs - that his right wing credentials are unimpeachable, Mr R threw in an off-the-cuff remark which amounted to "I don't care about the poor. They won't vote for me. I will only represent those who vote for me".

MR is an option for the US but surely one that will be rejected by the majority of voters. He has alienated all but the rich and I cannot see women with any taste voting for him. That leaves him roughly 20% of the vote. Just about right for the far right.

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