Paym? Sack 'em!

Posted on: 02/04/2014

The UK Payments Council has rushed out an announcement about "Paym" to create a monument to the departing Chair Richard North. Of course,with the role of the Payments Council about to be rendered redundant by the advent of the Payment Systems Regulator,the monument has been constructed in a graveyard - but ,never mind, don't let the facts get in the way of a good press release.

Paym allows people who have registered their mobile numbers and bank account details to send funds,provided they have a decent mobile signal and can be bothered with the hassle of another fad.Otherwise, you can simply hand the £10 note over face-to-face with a friendly smile. It says a lot about you as a human being which interaction with your friends and family you prefer.

Paym joins a confusion of other mobile payment methods,such as Zapp and Pingit,none of which have achieved much usage outside sad microsocieties inhabited by App Apes and Stepford Wives.Only those who prefer "Robot" to "Real" could possibly be won over by such nonsense.

The death throes of the Payments Council are its last desperate attempt to remove the cash we love from our purses and wallets. They have sat impotent in their souless offices as cash use has actually risen in the last year or two.How could this happen when they were working so hard to stop us spending our hard-earned money in the way we want to - how dare the UK Public exercise free choice?

No doubt the Payments Council will pupate to emerge as something much smaller and very different.One thing is certain though.It can never be a beautiful butterfly,merely a moth,nibbling irritatingly until we chose to swat it once and for all.



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