Oil Prices - LOW IS GOOD!

Posted on: 15/12/2014

The world has been held to ransom by OPEC since the 1970's. 50 years of having to be nice to countries which often have despicable human rights records.


The power of the oil producers has been broken forever ( by which I mean, at least 50 years).

From now on, the oil price will be low. If OPEC ( or any other vested interest) attempts to increase the price, the "taps" will simply be turned on to release eg the shale oil reserves in North American or the fracking potential elsewhere.

Freedom, choice and independence are always threatened if vested interests are allowed to act against the Public Interest. The Public - you and me - deserve better. OPEC has been beaten but challenges are ever-present, especially in the world of payments. No point in curbing one cartel, if a duopoly of major card schemes are to be allowed to dominate the way we pay.


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