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Start your coffee coin fund with this money box
Start your coffee coin fund with this money box
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Start saving those coffee coins

We all love treating ourselves to a fancy store-made, triple foamy, super skinny, extra shotted, syrup-y, can't really taste the coffee, coffee once in a while and I'm sure there are few who can say that they haven't stared down at their cheap and cheerful chipped mug-full of Nescafe instant and wished for a rather more sophisticated cappuccino. 

Well, we at Cash-is-Cool think the time has come to treat yourself and today's Buy of the Week is aimed at ensuring you have the funds to do so (every once in a while!). This Coffee Fund money box provides the perfect saving spot for all those extra coins rattling around at the bottom of your handbag/pocket/sofa so when you reach that point of over-priced coffee withdrawal, you have some cash at hand!

While we aren't encouraging you to make your coffee shop runs a daily occurence - we wish! - we think it's important that you let yourself live a little, particularly on those dreary days when a caffeine pick-me-up is a must. Why not get all your colleagues in on the saving scheme and kick-start your Mondays with a group coffee run?

Available from for just £5, this quirky Coffee Fund will make an ideal addition to your desktop and hopefully provide a bit of relief for your wallet!

Monday, 27th February 2012

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