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Hide your spare cash away in the Cash Stash Keychain
Hide your spare cash away in the Cash Stash Keychain
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Cash stash keychain

We've all found ourselves short of cash at one point or another, opening our wallets to find a bare and empty space when we most need there to be a crisp £10 or £20 note. Perhaps you've found yourself at the end of a taxi ride missing your purse? Or maybe your card has just been swallowed by the cash machine just when you so desperately needed to withdraw some money.

Well, despair no more. Gadget gift company Firebox has the answer to your problems with their sleek and discreet Cash Stash Keychain. Made from aircraft grade aluminium - bet you can't say that about the average purse - and completely waterproof you can be sure that this nifty accessory will keep your cash 100% safe and as crisp and fresh as a newly-dispensed note.

Available online from Firebox for just £4.99.

Monday, 15th August 2011

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