Cash - and Freedom - Are Both Worth Fighting For, In 2024 and FOREVER

Posted on: 24/06/2024

We live in a troubled world, one in which democratic freedoms only gained within the last century or so - and yet to spread around the planet - are facing massive challenges.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, there was a surge of hope that deposing of the oppressive regimes of Eastern Europe would see the democratic rights of the West enjoyed by all Europeans.


Twenty years later, the Arab Spring appeared to offer a window of opportunity for more freedoms to be gained by the general population - and particularly women - in countries where the male members of a few dominant families have ruled for far too long.


Now, in 2024, most of the hopes of the last three decades have been exposed as mere mirages.

In Europe, Russia is led by a man who has manipulated the vestigial democratic structures to allow him to stay in power for more than two decades. In reality, Putin is a dictator who is seeking to impose his will on not only his own country but also many of the states which had only recently escaped the clutches of the Soviet Union.

In China, President Xi has manoeuvred himself into a lifetime role. He has absolute power over a population of 1.4 billion, a population who are subject to the whims of a one-party state. The 100 million members of the Communist Party enjoy extraordinary privilege, but for the other 1.3 million citizen personal freedoms are very limited. Free speech? Not even a dream anymore, with surveillance so complete that even George Orwell would shake his head in disbelief.

In the United States, former President Trump dreamt of never leaving office - following the example of his friend Putin - and has persuaded 40 million Republican voters that he had the last election stolen from him. The democratic verdict of the United States electorate was not one Trump could bring himself to accept. Will he accept defeat in the 2024 election? We shall soon see…

In India, a democracy very influenced by organised religions, 1.4 billion people have a Prime Minister - Narendra Modi - who took it upon himself to try to "demonetise" his country. In other words, he attempted to make India a "cashless society", against the wishes and interests of the vast majority of the population. In 2024, he has lost his overall majority, so perhaps the Indian public are finally growing tired of his dogmatic anti-cash agenda?

In Africa, Nigeria, the most populace country, has a government intent on going "cashless". This against the backdrop of a US State Department Report in 2020 that highlighted many human rights abuses impacting a population of over 200 million.

I could go on to cover, for example, the activities of South Americas dictators - or the excesses of the Saudi Arabian King. Then there are the antics of Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

However, the landscape is crystal clear, without further examples being required.

In all the countries highlighted - and many others around the globe - the leaders care little for the wishes of their citizens. These men - yes, they are ALL men - seek to deprive those they rule of basic human rights, including the right to select those who govern in open and fair elections.

In many countries, the level of surveillance of the population far exceeds even the wildest excesses of the dreadful East German regime of the 1980’s. China is leading the way in this respect, though respect is not a word that should be used in the context of the activities of President Xi.

Without exception, dictators are targeting the creation of "cashless societies", because in a nation without cash, the participation of individuals can simply be switched on and off by the men who ultimately control the switches.

The excuses made by such regimes often focus on the need to protect the public against tax evasion or, worse still, terrorism.

In reality, however, the dictators simply want to protect themselves. They want to crush any opposition and silence any voice raised against them. By doing so, they believe they can remain in power forever.

Cash helps stop the dictators. It cannot easily be "switched off" once issued and its use is not as capable of being as closely monitored as card or digital payments.

Cash delivers power to the people, which explains why, when surveyed, typically 75% plus of any countries population state that they do not want a "cashless society".

I am one of the billions of people who will NEVER accept ANY nation becoming "cashless".

We must keep cash for US, so we can resist THEM, the dictators who seek to subjugate the public in so many countries.

To paraphrase the Declaration of Arbroath, made in 1320,

"The fight to keep cash is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honour… but for freedom, for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself."

Freedom is more at risk today than it was in 1320.

The fight to keep cash must go on FOREVER.

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